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Light holidays

Cotton jersey bandeau bodysuit from American Apparel, H&M dress
Nowadays it’s getting dark until 11pm , so I took my time to go before to this spot I really like and walked for some photos.
Everyone has been loving lace and silk transparent fabrics, and I am definitely one of them.
I also found a way to use bodysuits and  to not feel kind of naked in front of everyone.
Paris has been almost melting these days, so I have basically been walking in parisian streets, eating lots of salads,
sitting in terraces to refresh myself with a Coca or a lemonade and using the lightest clothes I own.
It’s time to enjoy ourselves.



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    i love your dress, i have the same but leopard print.. now i'm feeling like i want that grey zebra one, too 😀

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    it's so warm in Italy too, but not dark as well…
    also I'm fall in love with lace this year!
    love your shots taken with this soothing bridge behind…it's so romantic, you also could take some shots just like these in the night, or not?
    it should be illuminated, right or i'm wrong?

    The Influence Of Emmekay

    as always good work! i really appreciate…:-)

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    i love the shoes , and the dress is beautiful . it's the perfect balance between sheer and chic ,

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    How do you take such beautiful pictures?! and
    do you get embarrassed taking them in front of people you don't know?

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    Waauw it looks just like a professional spree for some magazine :), with those clothes and amazing background.

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    I always think your photo's looks just like some pics that can be placed in vogue! so beautiful! love what you're wearing! xo

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    U look amazing..
    I love the dress and the fact that u wore a bodysuit instead a mini dress underwear..
    Beautiful photos..


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    The pics are so beautifully shot! I also use lots of AA to protect my modesty!
    Dree xx

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    I love all of your fashion choices. You are the quintessential depiction of fab, stylish and chic. The dress is a great find and before I knew it was from H&M, I thought it was from a high end designer. Thank you for sharing!

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    abosolutely stunning!!

    the sheer fabric on the dress looks so beautiful 🙂

    I don;t think you go wrong with an outfit post in Paris 🙂


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    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Pictures! You are so gorgeous those pictures coul be right out of a Vogue-Editorial!!! Who takes those great pictures?

    LOVE your blog!!

    Luísa from Germany!


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