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Yves Saint Laurent

It’s sunday, and for giving you more an idea of what I mean
of loving what Yves Saint Laurent is, I post this videos, and saying of course,
this is just a little bit of what he really was. For now, I have visited the YSL exposition
at the Petit Palais in Paris four times, and I’m still amazed of every single piece there
This is an amazing
discovery for me, and a huge step in fashion history.
I wish I could had met him, but I feel I know him everytime I see
his amazing and perfect work . A real gentleman for women.
He definitely has been and will be an inspiration for many other designers.
Toujours YSL!



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    Such an emotional video, and of course, he was one of the many geniuses out there. Too bad we have such a short life..


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