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What defines you? As I am sitting in a coffee around Arts District in Los Angeles, I question myself this. I think the answer comes with your actions. I used to think that your beliefs were enough. To say that you believe in something is great but to act on it is what truly matters. Now 2017 I can tell you that I no longer want to sit down in the back and watch life go by. I want to act on my responsibilities as a Mexican woman, as a college graduate and as a human being.

Last January 21st, I decided to come to Los Angeles and march along 750,000 people that believe and act on the same principles  as I do. People who march for gender equality, for the rights of immigrants, for the LGBT rights, for the future of younger generations, people who march for basic human rights.

My experience was mind blowing, I woke up around 7am, excited to see how many people were showing up;( the expectation was not in the hundred thousands at the moment) As soon as we were walking to Pershing Square, I could already feel the energy on the streets. One girl scream at me saying: You sign is the best! I smiled back and continue my way to the crowd gathering some meters away. It was a cold morning for Cali weather and people were happily waiting, standing there impatient to start singing and walking all the way to the City Hall. What I saw that January morning was unity. No phones were in our hands to text or be on the internet, it was all about human connectivity, it was about showing our courage to speak out,  to scream and to let ourselves go. There was no exclusion;  all ages, all races, all genders, all religions, all of us were there and it was beautiful.

I wanted to share this experience with you because it represents a very personal thing for me. As many of you who follow the fashion Industry events, during the same time in Paris, there was the Haute Couture fashion week but in this case I needed to put on hold those commitments because if we don’t contribute to the well being of our society, then who will? It’s on us, on all of us. I hope if you are reading this, you too take action in any possible way you can. Get inspired by this amazing movements and be inspirational yourself for the rest.

With love and hope,




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    Ce n’est pas aussi binaire à mon avis : ce qui nous définit peut aussi être nos actions passées ET nos croyances actuelles – cela dépend de notre âge – rien n’est figé !
    Enchanté de vous retrouver après une si longue absence.

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    Bonjour Alain et merci pour ta reponse ! ça me fait plaisir de te lire.

    I agree with you that nothing is fixed and its all dependant in our age as we are constantly evolving.

    Looking forward to reading you again in the next post 🙂


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