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went from clear to grey

I’m getting to a part of the year where my need for total sunlight is constant. I can’t wait for holidays that consist on doing and trying something different than the normal routine. I have passed the last nights reading travel blogs and pages, wondering what is that “something” I can’t miss this summer (appart from too much sun and good food). Diving, surfing, getting massages, reading new types of books, visiting small towns, yoga in the beach?… There is still time. 
The thing is to try something different wherever you are. According to my late-night research, holidays last longer (and you remember them forever), when you try new things.
American Apparel clutch, Topshop skirt, Stylestalker sweater, Christian Louboutin heels  




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    Your hair reminds me of the Lord of the Rings—in a good way! It's very carefree and flowing 😉 Love that one loose piece that's not quite tucked into your braid.

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    I just discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it! It's the epitome of perfection and your sense of style is impeccable! I look forward to seeing your future posts- have a lovely day xxx


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