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we are golden


AA golden leggins, M. Dutti blazer

How great is the feeling when working out the new clothes you just got, the only inconvenience is when you want to put every piece you got together… maybe not possible, maybe the perfect crazy outfit, but after getting not perfectly crazy, but perfectly weird , I better tried this one.

Three new buys , plus my favorite blazer, gave rise to the look today. I have to say , these golden ones collected several looks and glances around me today( Self confidence needed!) . I liked it a lot, the look, the AA leggins, the socks and the t-shirt dress.

The hair( not me ) was playing around in all the photos. Hope you like it.




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    i love you…

    send me your email adress i want to featuure you on my blog…

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    gorgeous leggins
    these photos are fabulous
    great casual inspiration

    check out my blog @

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    rad outfit i love it. i've been debating those gold leggings for a while now, just don't know if i'm skinny enough to pull them off! haha

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    without sounding too far up my ass…i have to say i used to have amazing hair like yours before i made the choice for an unflattering bob (result of an awful break up)…enough about me, you look amazing and i think you are beyond gorgeous!

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    Only you could pull off these golden tights. I'm not sure about what's going on around the ankle area (are those nylon ankle socks with sued open toe shoes? hmm…) but form the ankle up, you look fab as always.

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