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We all love (or will be loving) Fall 09

This is my little collage to announce: I`m more than ready for Fall 09. We know we want it so badly.
Hope you like it as I do.
Excellent starting of week. Don`t forget carrying style.
(why did weekend end so fast?!)



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    I LOVE FALL!!! It's my favorite season! It's so unexpected and so romantic! So inspiring! It's simply so many things! To me one of the most important reasons is…it isn't hot! I can't stand the summer heat! Anyway. I love were you draw your fall inspiration from!
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    loveee the collage
    gorgeous inspiration, thanks for sharing

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    The fall, is by far my favorite season of the year.
    As the crisp leaves turn golden brown, and those nostalgic winds blow by. (:
    And oh my, all the gorgeous couture wear.
    From pea coats, to boots, to leather jackets.
    I love the fall!
    – Nata.

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    mmm im going to follow u okay??

    hi!!i like so much ur blog!!
    please i want u to see mine and suscribe if u like it pleaseeee!!

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    okay, okay, i'll admit it, I WANT FALL 09 SO BADLY. so pumped to crack out the leather, the sequins, and the studs!!!


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