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waiting for colder

Although Paris is getting colder everyday, I’m almost in the process of packing for an even colder weather. We’re heading to Russia
Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Moscow for the first time, and will have the pleasure to be the special guest of MEGA fashion mall, and to give my first official talk at the oldest University in Russia, the Moscow State university (MGU). The event at MEGA will take place on wednesday, 22nd, and the day at MGU is scheduled on thursday the 23rd, where I take part in a public talk dedicated to street fashion and social media.
Before my flight tomorrow I’ll post the exact schedules, so you can join me there, it will be amazing to meet russian friends and readers. Also to visit a city with such world renowned architecture.
Céline two toned boots, Richard Nicoll dress , vintage silver cross




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    Denni!, Denni!, Denni! 😀

    First of all, 'tho it may be some kinda underlying internet protocol for brevity & succinctness in commentary, I'M JUS' SORRY, as there comes a time & place to/for breaking whatever such conventional rigidness or rules, ya know!? And, I feel that tremendously so, here. 😀

    As alluded in my response to one of your recent posts, some of your blogpostings are so dynamically artistic in composition & presentation as to border on "museum quality artwork!" Ergo, I feel to jus' proffer up merely "normal, cliché-type, cutesey, standard fare, etc. …" kinda comments would be truly egregiously so undeservingly short and rather pathetically-lacking for the ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING BEAUTY inherent in certain of your posts, as this INSANE, "BEAUTEOUS, BRILLIANTE, GEM," here! 😀

    So again, please allow me some of my "chic-musings" (yeeess, pun def intended, haha!), as if say I were perusing some impressive gallery of art, takin' time & pausing to reflect/muse upon the most compelling, captivating artwork!!! 😀

    Denni, these here pics most wonderfully capture, embody, & reflect your "truly awesomely, amazing, style & beauty aesthetic!" Could mesmerizingly gaze upon ‘em adoringly for quite some while, and makes one wonder & ponder jus' how even more magnificence & enthrallment to experience such, to actually view & behold, “WOW!,” live-in-person! 😀

    An overarching double-entendre caption of sorts comes to mind of — "head-in-glorious-clouds!" As it somewhat seems, as if I've awakened from some “dream magnifique” to surprisingly witness a "most gorgeous/goddess/angel" who's somehow mystically, metaphysically descended from the clouds to graciously grace the scene — wondrously garbed/draped in stunningly work-of-art raiment/dress seemingly somehow spun/woven from very cloudstuff itself, simply accessorized appropos w/sheer stylish symbolic cross! 😀

    Ya know, how when sometimes during a flight the plane ascends to altitude where you're either right amongst or above those puffy, cumulous clouds, & your inner child wishes it could really reach out to touch or play therein/thereupon… Well, here I kinda feel & sense some similar sensation, as here you appear "soo damn beautiful & adorable, cuddlable & huggable!" 😀

    Finalement, your boots also seem to have a kinda "otherworldly beauty" quality ‘bout em, SAFE & LOVELY travels to Moscow, & good-luck in your presentations there. Hopefully, they'll be recorded so that perhaps you might share snippets here; and, there's absolutely NO DOUBT you'll be anything short of "truly outstanding!" As Denni, all you have to really do is merely "speak from your amazin' personal experience, expressive from your lovely heart, & authentic & inimitable style!" "KNOCK-EM-DEAD!", BABE!!! Namaste ~~~ 😀 xoxo


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