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Vintage noir

I passed by the Chanel Haute Couture show at Le Grand Palais to take some pictures for you but due to the fact that I arrived too late, I ended up taking some shoots of my vintage black dress,which is now one of my favourites. Wore it with my multiuse American Apparel bodysuit and also I let my hair down. It had been quite a long time since I hadn`t done it this way! It’s been so hot in Paris that I think I’m getting tanner and tanner everyday (but I think this is good)



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    Beautiful … I love the two pieces in one ….. you can wear it during the day and take it odd at night. easy yet beautiful.

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    Is there any label on that dress? The shoulder shirring detail is so flattering…
    I'm looking for a red lipstick now, but I've never worn one so it's a bit scary!

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    i read in an article that you lived in mexico its so great to see that since im mexican and alot of people dont seem to care as much as i do about fashion its more art to me then anything else. i live in california now but it seems as if its the same you cant really walk out ina vintage dress out unless it looks normal

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    i definitely love your outfit, dress! LOVELY!! you look so CHIC with your hair down.


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    the sheer is beautiful, love the styling!!

    can we exchange links?

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    A fantastic piece, elegant and very special, suitable for women like you, women having fun with fashion.
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