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Under the sea: Versace SS12 details

all pictures by me
Little mermaid meets Donatella Versace. The show in Milan  was perfection made under the sea. I liked so much the way the collection felt so vibrant to everyone, and that also transmited somehow a really happy mood about it. This show reaches all my expectatives of a perfect mermaid dress. Versace has always had this Medusa motiff, and these themed detailed dresses either from a coral reef or from down under the sea, are representing well Donatella’s personality. Complimenti Versace! 
Landed yesterday in beautiful Paris, so today’s plans are just to arrange things for the fashion week here and enjoy friend’s company.  The best way to start the week.
PS.I have to apologize for the lack of posting this weekend!  In Milan only the ipad was working with internet and had camera lense issues (all good now!)