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Introducing: Tuesday Tunes

Lately I’ve been rediscovering my love for finding new music.

Sometimes we get trapped in the ordinary routine and we can forget those precious moments of self discovery through music, readings or any outside stimulus that please us.

To me, music has always played a key role in my everyday life and I regret to not have shared it with you before.

Now I leave you with a couple of picks from this week.

I will be sharing with you every week some of my current songs/tunes or whatever you want to call them šŸ˜‰

Augustine by Blood Orange

How can I explain my love for Blood Orange? The first time I heard him was in a class at Parsons, we were watching some successful collaborations between music artists and fashion brands. He was playing for a GAP commercialĀ and the whole concept was very fun and well curated.

The interesting aspect about the music in his new album is the critic he offers towards the injustice and discrimination of the black community in America. Similar to Solange’s new album, there are parts where you can hear what it would look like a manifesto of black people and their reflections.

I admire his way of collaborating with others. He is a genius for producing new interesting material for him and for others. Remember Sky Ferreira’s last album?Overall one of my favorites now and forever <3

Cranes in the sky by Solange

Don't touch my hair by Solange

When I first listened to Solange’s new album, I was hopeful. I wanted to see something worthy of her. People tend to compare her a lot with her sister, and what if she is a totally different artist? She reflects this new personality and stands up for herself in this new album.

I really love the aesthetic she uses for both of these videos. She is fresh and unapologetic in representing black beauty. The beats are very soft and easy to digest. I recommend listeningĀ to both mad and Tina taught me if you want to hear Solange’s mom speaking.

Also look at the comfy underwear the girls are using in both videos: HallelujahĀ for cotton underwear in a normal shaped body!

Thinkin’ Bout you was my favorite song of 2014. I don’t think I knew any other songs from Frank Ocean back then, but when I listened to Ivy this past months I was in love. The sound, the waves in his voice throughout the song are extremely compelling. Such a great album to listen to while having a glass of wine, cup of tea or just enjoying a nice ride around the city at night.

Similar to the two previous artists, there is a necessity to express concern and show they care about current and past issues. I like the feeling of nostalgia while listening to his stories.


See you next Tuesday on Tuesday Tunes!



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