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Tuesday Tunes #9

Hola this is Ruy! This week Tuesday Tunes series #9 is inspired by those songs that you discovered over a late night alone and for some reason they became your personal secret hits. Luckily you discovered them after they were popular, or they were never popular enough. You enjoy everytime you listen to them.

These three oldies along with a couple of new ones remind me of the mood I had last winter while living in New York City. I remember the daily routine of going down early in the morning to get my cortado or capuccino when Christmas was getting closer. The nights when Greenwich Village was suddenly calm and empty and I walked around Washington Square. Chet Faker’s 1998 and Caribou’s Can’t do without you also remind me of the times I was alone in Tokyo with crowded streets but still a strange and enjoyable solitude.

See you next week!


1998 by Chet Faker

Can't do without you by Caribou

Coastal love by HONNE

It is what it is by Blood Orange

Dust Clears by Clean Bandit

waiting by Midnight Pool Party


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