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Tuesday Tunes #3

This week we  are playing a couple of songs inspired for an ideal 20 or 30-minute workout. Over the summer, Ruy and I started working out from our homes because some times we were too busy to even go running or doing a class. The only incentive then was to exercise quickly, and good tunes were essential to get extra energy.

Today I looked at my current 30-minute playlist for the Kayla Itsines workout, which I’m sure by now is well known by many of you (yes burpees and mountain climbers are still hard everyday!)

We suggested a song order for the workout from warming up to stretching.

See you next week!

All we got - Chance The Rapper


Love on the brain - Rihanna with Gigamesh remix

I am really enjoying the new songs of Gigamesh’s Gigamix, and this song with Rhianna works too well for the rythm I keep when focusing on the abs.



Fade by Kanye West

If the video is not enough to convince your idea that working out does miracles, the beats of Fade remind of the time when I am exercising and I want to stop, but I also know I have to keep going. I gave my Soulcycle instructor this song as a tip for the class, and it worked very well for everyone when we were cycling with a lot of resistance.


Carry On by Tkay Maidza


Broccoli by Big Baby D.R.A.M

Although honestly not a fan of the lyrics, the beats and the fact like I imagine a dancing broccoli make me feel like exercising to this.


Lying to you by Goldroom

Goldroom just released their latest album, and while I heard it just before taking off to Paris, I also discovered this remake of Lying To You by RAC.  Good enough to strech after sweating!



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