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Tuesday Tunes #2

This #TuesdayTunes at Chicmuse, Ruy and I discussed about music that we use to concentrate or to take a mental break in stressing or busy times. Piano, nature sounds, and minimal music is the common denominator of our preferred songs to really focus. Which are yours?

Pern by Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen has always been a favorite of mine. When it comes to easing my mind, his music will always achieve it. You may remember him from his famous songs for the Amélie Poulain soundtrack. 

When he released this new album this past month, I listened to it at least three times in a row.It is such an auditive delight to work to, and to inevitably get inspired by listening to it. What I personally find great about this song is the feeling of happiness it evokes on me; from its uplifting beginning until the end.

Elegy for the arctic by Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi’s initiative to create music while raising awareness about deterioration by climate change is a proof that anyone can cooperate with its talent to educate our society in important issues. The video visuals of him playing piano in the Arctic Ocean in Norway are of course the perfect way to show what we will be missing in some years. Coming back to the music, Einaud translates a nostalgic and thoughtful time with each of his songs.

Philip Glass, also famous for his minimal music directed towards the classics, makes me wonder how much more effective my study hours could have been back at Parsons. Without trying to fall in any cliché, I literally happen to listen to this song with some tea or coffee, and at times when I want to find inspiration to write or clear things out in my mind. Just as Glass explained, Opening was a short version of his work to try to reach larger audiences back then. Anyone imagining this song as the soundtrack of a Pride and Prejudice-like movie? With the English countryside on the background? Also me.

Thursday Afternoon by Brian Eno

Ruy and me have been fans of Brian Eno for a long time. Ever since we discovered his set of Music for Airports, Brian Eno is the go-to music to take a break of a busy day, to concentrate a bit more and to even meditate. Music for Airports was released in 1978 and Eno created these four compositions to actually release the tension that people experienced in places like the airports. The 61 minute version of Thursday Afternoon is a bit more continuous and cheerful. It gives me the quick feeling I have after a successful yoga session.



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