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Tokyo Tower

You know, is not everyday that you find a little black dress with the perfect wings,light chiffon, cape-like you need to feel covered and flying in a small dress. I really felt like going to the Tokyo tower for getting some shots of it. Hung and ready in the closet for the next parties, let’s go out!
Topshop dress, Gerbe tights

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    This dress is amazing!!! very inspiring, as always!!!

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    I love the sheer texture of the dress; it seems to fall like am dream…so light and whismical. I love Tokyo's replica of the Eiffel Tower, very classy? LOL. Oh, and i love how you esscentuated all the most fine and precautious details of the dress through your gorgeous body alterations and diversity in which you do so. X Neda X

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    The dress is lovely. I really like the 'cape-style', plus the tights are also very stylish… and different. Great post! And it almost feels a bit you are in France near the Eiffel tower πŸ˜‰

    XO thefashionguitar

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    awesome dress and high tokyo tower! love it.
    if you have enough time visit korea too.
    it's really close with japan!


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    Today I saw your blog first time… it was like one big woooow. And I must say, you look absolutely awesome! Especially in black.


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