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Tokyo, J’adore

There are places where taking photos is just inevitable & Tokyo is perfectly one of them.  It´s quite complicated to downsize the amount of  pictures  from hundreds to just a few, so I try to post some that are meaningful of what I did there and anything that caught my eye, or anything random.

This time the Tokyo photodiaries include some things like (almost in order): 
Finishing breakfast in Ginza/ The view from my room on the 21st floor / Inside the taxi outside Shinjuku station/ Dolce & Gabbana clutches (this for me, like candy for kids) / Public transportation ( wondered whtere other countries should copy it for a nicer transportation appearance) / Getting ready for a day off / Shibuya buildings / the always crowed Takeshita Dori street, in Harajuku / Taxis at night / my hotel this time / Walking in Omotesando / pretty traditional japanese house- and trees / seeing stars from my window (on a gold Dolce dress) / Tokyo fast food! / at Takeshita Dori with a 200yen plastic umbrella / convenience store/ Gerbe tights and Prada’s / favorite coffee in my favorite Ginza café / Pucci velvet dresses / Miu Miu printed building around Yurakucho station / peach cocktails and japanese dinner with friends / Getting ready, again / Outside a ramen restaurant / showing off panthers



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    Hi, another great post from you.
    I have been checking around around other blogs by those who attended FNO for a while, all of them are so fun to read but I think this one is the best, probably.
    This one captures the real life in Tokyo and I can feel you were excited to be a part of the mega city.
    I always find it kinda funny non-Japanese are eager to take pictures of drug stores, Karaoke shop and colourful signs, something like that when they are in Japan. Do they look new or quirky to you, for example, Westerners :-)?
    Interesting to see how non-Japanese perceive my hometown, home country.
    Oh I should go visit Tokyo soon, I hope Fuji Rock or Summersonic will have a lineup with my fav bands!
    Take care, Denni. You are such a sweetee!

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    Just wanted to say that I love looking at the pictures on your blog. You always post more than enough fashion to get me through the day!

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    I really love the photos..

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    I was invited in the Versace for H&M party here in Greece…

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