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To Japan

I want to sincerely express and give my support to Japan and to the people affected in the earthquake and this disastrous event. I invite you to give your support in any way you can.
PS: Thank you very much for the readers who were worried about me. I’m not in Japan at this time, and I really appreciate your concern. Thank you again, and let’s support people that need us. 




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    i have no word… it's so sad to see all this chaos in Japan! I wish I could do more than praying.
    This putted me soo down… i wish i could do something!

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    I've been sad since the earthquake and Tsunami, i feel that my words are too small for the sadness that i feel for the people who have lost their homes, business, family members and the radiation. *Sigh* I just wish this will be the LAST disastrous quake that the people of Japan have to deal with again. Glad that you are safe! ♥

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    I'm so glad that your fine. It actually would've been nice if everyone was fine… it's so sad.
    I hope they can make it.



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