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Surfing USA

Gianfranco Ferré leather shorts, Vintage necklace, Sunglasses from market in Rome (but probably from China).
I was looking for a theme in here… then the surfing song
came out. Made me feel in the right mood, a big smile, some freshness , exactly like surfing. 
But come on, it would be difficult surfing in some minishorts and high heels (prefered no accidents).
It`s been completely hot in here, I wish having all day Pinas coladas and a really big pool. who wouldn´t !



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    this is a flawless outfit
    gorgeous!!! so cute
    and the surfing song was perfect, despite it scaring me since my volume was cranked

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    Heyy, I happened to your blog apart. I very much enjoy your blog.:) It is interesting and the pictures are also good. Continue in the same spirit. I hope that you like me blog too 🙂 , I will start follow you 🙂

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    you're smokin hot, but i bet you already knew that! and i really love the outfit girl, your leather shorts are so killer!

    rocking blog too.
    xx raez

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    Love the outfit!! Super cute and so beachy! Love the shorts, top and sunglasses! The beach boys song is so much fun along with pina coladas and a pool! yay! 🙂


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