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supersonique et très très chic


Here we go. It was today’s  morning and Tokyo from my window was feeling chilly and cold, and while the song playing said “supersonique and tres tres chic”, I took this faux fur coat I got yesterday at glamourous Ginza zone here in Japan and went all day long with it. Truth is, Tokyo people is all into 
the craziest shopping fever I had seen, and another truth, I didn’t feel the guilt when getting away with a little MiuMiu and Topshop things. 
Tokyo, c’est magnifique!
Frankie Morello shoes, Wolford tights, American Apparel leather-like skirt, Zara white faux fur coat

Let’s start a great 2011!!



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    aaaaarrrgg!! I'm going to Tokyo on February… i'm very very excited!

    Love your coat, I wanted it when I saw it at the end of last summer (although it was really really hot, the coat stole my attention…). Let's see if it arrives to sales…

    Muaaa, have a nice starting of the year!

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    amaizng! beautiful as always! if you like japan you must go to seoul, korea! its basically a smaller japan with the same fashion but CHEAPER! its amazing. xx

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    Amazing photos! That area that your in is beautiful! I'd love to be in that Japan shopping fever and find some goodies lol


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