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St. Tropez weekend

You make me dream in St. Tropez Karl.



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    st tropez is an unforgettable spot. amazing job by karl

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

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    films like these actually make me hate the fashion industry, I think karl knew what he was doing by kind of making a mockery on the nihilistic ways of models and how they do whatever they want with no punishment. I really like the old man, because he kept it very real. I just have a feeling that very few people really "got" what this was about.

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    Liked watching these, thanks for sharing! Of course it's interesting what kind of short movie would Karl do?

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    I'm with Zoe on this one.

    It's quite painful to watch the models trying to act, stick to looking beautiful, not delivering lines. I think Karl gets caught up in the Chanel hype. First those terrible cocoon bags, then Lily Allen advertising them and now this. For me this sort of navel gazing movie cheapens the brand – I've never wanted the Saint Tropez lifestyle less than right now…


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