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Some of my favorites in my closet.

Shoes: Sergio Rossi for puma ankle boots, miumiu ss2010 bird shoes, D&G bow sandals, Marc Jacobs heart platforms, Isabel Marant boots, YSL cage heels.
right side: Isabel Marant dress, NafNaf vest, vintage Cacharel flower dress, Acne fringe  leather jacket,
Mango red & gray blazers, D&G blazer.
Perfume: Idole from Giorgio Armani, Nailpolish: Chanel Nouvelle Vague
In the middle: Christian Lacroix belt, Isabel Marant shorts.
Last on the left: vintage chanel skirt, Dolce&Gabbana shirt, and some vintage YSL shirts as well.




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    mmmm love having an opportunity to look inside bloggers' closets! So cute and well-organized. I don't think mine ever looks like this longer than a few hours.. by days end, my clothes and accessories are usually sprawled across the floor. Oops…

    Nikki xx

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    you have a very enviable closet that houses some very enviable pieces. a lovely post of things that i could only ever dream of owning. in fact, i'd be happy if i could just organise my closet…..


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