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I almost forget about this vintage cape I bought in Los Angeles a few months ago. I like the opulent lining and the way it goes below the knee. For some reason Paris goes so well with capes.
 I love this time of the year (*except for the too extreme cold weather and wind some days) because of the extra lights and the fact that you take tea or coffee more times than you normally do. Probably because I pair these stops with pastries, crepes or any kind of bread. 
My jet lag  is finally going away so I’ll definitely stop oversleeping and will get back to normal. But for now, time for chamomile tea and shortbread cookies before sleeping!
I’m wearing a vintage cape, Roberto Cavalli suede gloves, Zara tuxedo pants, American Apparel turtleneck and Sergio Rossi ankle boots



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    I love how you're dressed in such class yet the photo is taken at a vintage building. Really heightens your appearance xxx

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    such a great fashion statement Denni! love how that cape is slightly too big, but its meant to be =) it's a very rare thing you see even in fashion parties, so wearing one would definitely highlight your style.

    Style Hostess


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