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Imprimé Léopard

Wearing: D&G dress (via My-wardrobe ), YSL shoes, vintage cape, Rayban’s, vintage necklace
An ode to those things some could like the most: The correct leopard print on a dress, 
the perfect pair of black shoes, and some rock&roll sunglasses with vintage touch. Though, talking about the perfect 
pair of black shoes, I’m watching a new box of shoes I wanna show you very soon, maybe we do can 
have many many favorite pairs of shoes!


PS. These photos were also published for the Urban Outfiters webpage



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    i like your ode.
    very true about that leopard print tho.. i havent managed to find any decent leopard print items around here lately but all the perfect ones keep popping up on everyones blogs! maybe i should try harder.
    the dress & capey-coat go so well together, cant wait to see your new 'favourites'.x

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    Awesome look!Great shoes.
    keep up the great work.your blog is gorgeous.


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