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Shopping with MEGA

My first day in Moscow started with a trip to one of the 3 Mega shopping malls in the city, where I had the chance to experience some shopping while meeting some other great and lovely Russian bloggers.
 I wore 2 different winter looks mixing different brands from the Mega mall. *more pictures to come throughout the next days
Here they are some pictures of my different picks from H&M, Zara and Reserved. 

Photos by Stas Alexeev

ps. The black blouse I’m wearing is from Stella McCartney, that I got last year



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    Denni, an absolutely awesome "magical montage" of truly wondrous beauty!!! 😀

    Luv how you bookend-ed this array with that classically beauteous chic-cozy-comfy sweater w/the captivating contrasting textures & interspersed artistic bands of collar/sleeves/hems. Très, très, lovely!

    Floral-featured outfit with your exquisitely signature strokes of rad-red fingernails & luscious-lookin'-lips have you quite seeming somewhat "stunning, sensuous rose," yourself! 😀

    Multi-wonderfully-coloured-splashed blazer is such sensationally standout striking contrast contra noir backdrop, w/gold choker & bracelet fantastic-finishing touches! And that lil' black blouse of ruffle-like cascading waves down upon pretty-patterned slacks & gold/silver/toned platform chaussures — altogether, delightfully dreamy!!! 😀

    Lastly, closeup in mid-pic of handbag & bracelet reveal their masterfully-works-of-art finery, and top facial closeup powerfully-portrays-captures you in your most mesmerizing, magnificence of beauty, mademoiselle!!! 😀 xoxo

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    Eres bellisima, pero no crees que deberías depilarte las cejas, patillas y pelo excesivo de la frente y nuca???

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    You asked, "Was 2011 so long ago?"

    Haha, why of course not, especially when regarding such "timeless & elegant beauty!" Btw, that premiere mag cover is awesomely, adorably artistic (what wonderful way to embark upon such…), while your Moscow public talk twitpic sweetly exudes truly lovely passion!!! 😀 xoxo

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    nice dresses. the presenattion of any thing depends on presenter. model has nicely presented the dreses. she increases the beauty of dresses. aslo makeup also match with dresses, this also increases the beauty of presentation. nic work.


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