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Shopping spot

Shopping, shopping shopping…. I don’t think anyone should call it a sin, it’s just one of those guilty pleasures (mostly women I  guess) we should always keep practising. Few weeks ago I sincerely wrote something in twits : “Without any doubts there will be three things that will always make my life happier anyday: eating, sleeping and buying clothes”. 
Not meaning I’m just a lazy person (and don’t you think I’m like that), but that I do support it’s essential to enjoy your own likes. 
These are the photos Vogue Turkey used for the shopping feature last week, and me,I was finishing shopping some Isabel Marant goodies. 
Yves Saint Laurent vintage silk blouse, Topshop jeans

Ciao ciao!



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    So you are satisfied with your new goods? Im going to Antwerp in two weeks.. Time for some serious shopping to!

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    stunning colour on you! there's nothing wrong with making time for things you enjoy!
    Dree xx

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    Just found your blog through Chictopia, and I love it. I'll definitely be following from now on!
    Your top is gorgeous, by the way!


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