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shooting with Vogue Russia

While I was in Moscow,  I met a couple of  members of the Vogue Russia team, and we had the opportunity to  shoot some photos for them. 
They did a feature and interview on me, in occasion of my visit and the events I worked on. Thank you Vogue Russia for working with me.   
You can read it in russian at the online Vogue here



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    Always aahhmaaazing, how your inimitable style e'er wondrously reflects such a beauteous aesthetic with remarkably brilliante palettes! 😀

    Par instance, the top outfit's utterly brilliant balance of the green, noir, & red tones/colours, and even w/your lovely lips de rouge, & chic classical coif such pretty parts de palette! 😀

    Et bien sur, in the lower outfit the head-to-toe captivating lovliness of noir/blanc (wow!, what a to-die-for most gorgeous capecoat w/hood) & yin/yang palette effect, with even the backdrop seemingly playing along! 😀 <3 xoXOxo <3


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