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Shine bright

Givenchy cape, Roberto Cavalli gloves
Photos by Stas Alexeev



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    <3 "Like Diamond Dreams, Soo, Soo, Magnifique!" <3

    This sensationally sweet set somewhat alike one awakening, yees, from some dream & delightfully discovering, miraculously that it's somehow mystically become beautiful, beautiful, dream-come-true, there's actually someone as devastatingly beauteous as you!!! 😀

    Denni, in your e'er sui generis stunning style, you indeed most gorgeously transform a cold, wintry day into a "sensuously, sultry statement," where any fortunate onlooker, beholder, is immediately transported into "realms of righteous warmth & hott reveries!" 😀

    "Damn!", babe, truly in all sincerity, this has gotta be the "absolutely awesomeness vision" in black & white, that mine eyes have e'er beheld ("wow!", cannot even begin to imagine how much more emphatic the effect live-in-person)! And all the more to highlight w/brilliant pop of colour your signature strikingly "romantic rouge lips," w/this "ooh, soo marvelously mesmerizing," mona-lisa-like smile & twinkle of those dreamy eyes! Aaahh, if only to be so blessed, to wondrously be able to sweetly, snuggily caress — such lusciously lush, lavish lovliness! 😀 xoXOxo


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