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shades of pink

Really liking the different shades of pink and laid back atmosphere within these photos. 



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    Interesting cuts and fabrics! Voluminous sleeves and metallic foil-like shorts…very curious, but I like it. The casual background and the plastic bottle/soda can give nice contrast to all of this high-fashion attire.

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    shorts in the 2nd photo! <3
    and the trainers in the 1st!
    and oh yeah these photos are definetly perfect – seriously haven't seen as amazing photos for a while! wow!

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    Many different wrist or armband materials are used to make statements.   There is steel, brass, and other metals, but also, stones, cloth, leather, amongst other potential materials.  Often, though, not much thought is put into the material being used.  For example, if one has a wristband that is made from steel, I believe it points to strength and boldness.  If a wristband is made from cloth—perhaps softness and caring is implied.   With stones, I feel a oneness with nature.

    But what does a wristband from leather suggest?   I believe it suggests not just a oneness with nature like stone, but also a connection of one’s humanity with the natural environment.   It suggests a rugged, yet universalism found through the connection of that what we are made of, with that what the rest of the world is made from. 

    So we suggest in your next encounter of trying to choose a fashion statement, you think of leather.  Leather wristbands such as those found at    We would like you to consider those at The Level Collection, where man meets nature and nature meets togetherness because it is here that one’s personal expression can embody our humanity and our statement that we are together with the natural world at the same time.


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