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Saint Laurent trunk bag via
When you carry a bag every single day since you got it (especially during Paris Fashion Week), this only means you made the right choice.
Sometimes, a choice in a special bag can even represent our personality, and this Saint  Saint Laurent definitely falls within that same thought.
Please don’t mind if you see me wearing it very often for the rest of the season!

Big kiss



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    ——*ultimate heavenly french kiss*——
    ♥ so exquisitely, elegantly, beautiful! ♥
    embodies, sweet/passion/love, so true!
    ♥ ah oui!, perfect pairing, avec vous! ♥

    😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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    I did a Marie Claire shoot with the black version of this bag ! It is absolutely wonderful and practical. I also found you on Instagram. Your photos are lovely. Do you live in Paris or travel between there and the US ? You belong in Paris 😉 So chic !


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    (interesting related quote):
    "Fashion is primitive in its insistence on exhibitionism, which withers in isolation. The catwalk fashion show with its incandescent hype is its apotheosis. A ritualized gathering of connoiseurs and the spoilt at a spotlit parade of snazzy pulchritude, it is an industrialized version of the pagan festivals of renewal. At the end of each seasonal display, a priesthood is enjoined to carry news of the omens to the masses."
    Stephen Bayley
    haute couture

    –*pulchritudinous personification*–
    —(rad/red/hott!, two of a kind!)—
    ♥ such pretty, perfection, wrought! ♥
    so exquisite, elegante beauty, sought!
    ♥ love, to cherish 4ever, brought!! ♥

    😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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      ———–*love for the ages*———–
      ———(saint laurent "effect")——–
      ♥ wow, to behold, timeless beauty! ♥
      to cherishingly hold, in, one's hand(s)!
      ♥ become part, of love, so grande! ♥

      😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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    I love a bold red bag!! Super cool saint laurent statement piece! <3 You should check my first post from Paris Fashion Week with me covering the Charlotte Olympia FAIRYTALE presentation, be prepared to be wow-ed with enchanted accessories including clock boots, grimm book clutches, and Rapunzel stilettos. Hope they fully provoke the heck out of you! <3

    xx The Provoker

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    No offence, but it kind of looks like a cheap H&M bag. Would def not use that much money on that one!


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