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russian ride

Arrived in Moscow some hours ago, and even if it feels like Christmas weather already, Im loving it! Big cities are always a treasure to explore, and Moscow seems absolutely promising.
Now getting some sleep before all the MEGA events start
. See you tomorrow with more updates from Russia!



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    Moscow appears to have, of course, in a much more miniscule manner, this bit of exciting intriguing beauty, somewhat alike yourself! 😀

    Denni, can't help but wonder, if any of these scenic vistas shots here (or occasionally, others) are credit(s) by virtue of your own personal photography prowess!? Can't wait to view/behold more beauty through those eyes of yours, as you explore! 😀 xoxo

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    I love you blog and I am living in Moscow for a year from London. Its a fun city, so many cool places to go. Julia x


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