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Roses(for MIKA)

I am such a fool that I forgot to tell my last’s week adventure. I was taking a glass of wine in friend’s
appartment, and suddenly MIKA started sounding on the Ipod. Suddenly (and exciting-ly) we talked about
his show on Paris, and ten minutes later we had rented a car and bought tickets for MIKA in a town 2 hours
away from Paris. I was going to MIKA in France (in Lievin- 30 000 population). 
Internet felt so powerful.
Everything went really great in the 2 days adventure and I fell in love much more with him cause of
his passion and fierce when singing and giving me wonderfuls “Grace Kelly”, “Rain” or “Blue Eyes“.
Red roses for MIKA ( from H&M garden collection).
H&M Garden Collection blazer, Topshop harem pants, Topshop pums, Versace JC bodysuit



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    that jacket looks FABULOUS on you. You look like a flamenco dancer. love it

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

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    i've been to mika when he was in the netherlands and he so good and so much better in real!
    love the jacket, you're gorgeous!

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    love the song ''rain'' from mika! 😉
    btw, you look amazing, looooove that jacket but i can't find it… 🙁

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    when I saw that jacket, I instantly thought, no, and went with the dress, but you look so amazing in it.


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    OMG the jacket!!! what is this perfection?

    The whole look is just straight out of a fashion editorial, love it!

    Meho xx

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    you look so pretty all the time! what's your secret? lol

    Can I ask you what color/brand lipstick you use? I love it

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    beautiful blazer, like it how you combined it with harem pants, haven't seen that before! You look great as always!

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    OMG, i love your miu miu shoes, i'm so jelousy!. And it's amazing that you went to mIKA'S concert, btw your blazer is so art!. xoxo

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    Almost bought that blazer, but then I tought nahhh because I wasn't quite sure wheter I liked the puffy shoulders. And now it's showing up everywhere on the blogosphere.
    Guess I should have bought it anyway. (so if you ever want to get rid of it feel free to contact me….)

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    grrr i want that jacket ive been obsessing over it for the past month… you styled it great i love the pants and the heels.

    Sounds like a great adventure!

    Vi from Cali

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    you look incredible darling! Wow spontaneous adventures are the best and this sounds wonderful. Beautiful jacket and hareems you are so striking! One of my very favourite blogs.x

    Would be great if you stopped by.
    fashion clocked


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    wow you look absolutely stunning in this outfit! so chic. I lovelovelove the colour and style of your harem pants and also how you paired it with that rosette jacket from H&M. urban chic!

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    I am really sad, that i didn't buy it when it was in H&M. But sadly, i saw it later and I found nothing. ;s
    And you know – on you it's soo beautiful. I can say that it fits on you. 😉

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    Hello, love your blog!!!!! Are you French ?
    Wonder when will be the day i´ll see you covering "VOGUE"…Soon for sure.
    I wish you luck!!!!!! .
    P.s Love love your blog, and I am dying for your new "miu miu", plataform…WOWWWWWWW.

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    saw this jacket at the H&M in Barcelona but sadly they did not have my size 🙁 really love how you have paired it with those great melange harem pants! such a great outfit, you look stunning!

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    Oh my god, oh my god… I felt in love with your Harem Pants. I know that Harems are around in fashion for quite a while, but I just found one I like (Fause Haten), but I guess now my search for an affordable one is over! ^^
    But I don't just like your pants. I love everything about your outfit, from head to toe it's perfect. Stunning!

    xoxo Sandra


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