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The riding pants

I lately have found these American Apparel riding pants amazing for anything to do. 
The fact that they’re totally comfortable and fresh and that look good
with basically anything is what keeps me wearing them so much. 
It’s been busy here but, be prepared cause I have some ideas to wear soon!
I may have talked about La Durée a few(many) times but this tea has the perfect “parfum”
and I feel it really parisien, of course, the tea name is Marie Antoinette you fool! (I say myself)
Luckily today was the day of waking up late, going for a walk and coming back to watch some amazing 
treasures hidden there on Youtube, something’s about Yves Saint Laurent
vintage and some quick reviews about this year’s great collections.
passe une bonne journée! 
American Apparel Riding Pants(gifted), Vintage satin tank, H&M Blazer



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    American Apparel has many comfortable clothes. These pants look great on you! Can't wait for your ideas

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    you look incredible my dear! what killer high waisted trousers- ive seen before but never looked this good !! wow indeed! Look forward to your upcoming posts always love your blog.xx

    fashion clocked blog
    would be cool for you to drop by.

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    The pants look fabulous flower and oh how i want that jacket lovely!

    Eda x

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    I've always been a little bit skeptical or weary about these pants, and it's kept me from buying them.. But now I may go pick a pair up for myself! Or, at least try some on! (: Looks great!



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    I love the riding pants on you! They fit you perfectly. Nice paired with that voluminous, red blazer 🙂

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    those pants are great, they look really good on you 'cause you're skinny.. reminds me of the one's Olivia Newton John was wearing in Grease.. "the new Sandy"… you look awesome

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    i love these pants and been thinking of getting some but not sure if they are comfy. they are comfy yes?

    -love emm
    from spindizzyfall

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    I saw your feature in Refinery29! So glad they featured you so I can now follow your blog 🙂

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    wow, it looks sooo good on you. and i say that although i hate thouse pants in general.


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