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Red Chic Kimono

Photo from Yvan Rodic
Photo from Vogue Paris
I’m not really wearing any kimono. But after chicmuse wore many many times the high bun, she
decided to give it a touch with a very nice Sonia Rykiel headwear.
These are other shots from yesterday. Very red and very nippon.
Sonia Rykiel headwear, Mango blazer, Acne dress, Yves Saint Laurent Heels.



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    That outfit is gorgeous – the headgear is a lovely touch.

    Speaking of nippon…which issue of Vogue Nippon are you going to be in? I can't wait to see the photographs!

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    I wanted to buy headwear to, but i couldn't find it in the boutique in Marseille…
    I love the style that it creats and how it adds caracter, a twist, to one's outfitt!


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