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Rainbow Nails!

Got all my hands this week into TomFord’s shape and shiny shiny rainbow shades. Loved the pop it gives you!
If you look to the hand on your left (my right hand) and from left to right in the fingers:

1st. : American Apparel pink shade
2nd: Electric blue from Sephora
3rd: Green from Essie
4th: Yellow from Sephora
5th: Orange from H&M
Paul&Joe sweatshirt, Vintage hat (very Prada inspiration!)
Happy weekend!



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    I always smile when i see your choices, you must have a grat personality!! L O V E alllll piic's but my favourite is nr 3 😉
    Have a nice weekend!!

    XoXo ♥ Happy Brunette

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    Love the H&M orange polish, it's so perfect for summer! I'd definitely be jumping on the rainbow nails band wagon if I didn't get so bored halfway through painting my nails.

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    Actually, I just realised that I've got rainbow nails today too. Accidentally, but rainbow, nonetheless. Namely, petrol blue, gold, bubblegum pink and, of course, orange. Since I'm still here, I might as well say that I really respect your style.

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    Oh how fun and fabulous! I have been experiment with colours this week too on my acrylics, I'm loving mushroom!

    *following your blog*

    Eda <3

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    love everything you do, always so stylish and pretty. also the fact that you update everyday, which gives me something to look forward to everyday. (^^,)

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    that's a brilliant idea denni! surely adds some splash of color to your ensemble!

    if you guys need more daily fashion inspirations follow my blog. cheers!

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    Tres belles photos! Oh la la…les ongles sont comme des tres coloreux ouefs de la Paque!

    Lovin' it…the Easter rabbit would be proud.
    The hat is lovely too. I agree that it's very Prada, but also very Audrey Hepburn too.

    Tallulah doll

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