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I´m just thinking this outfit as sexy and splendid as a cheerleader. It´s not that I would go out to the street
like this, at least not with this amazing blazer/sweater unbuttoned, but here I am, taking it out to the Blogger street,
totally thinking we know how sexy and chic can be some shiny and sexy underwear used as outwear. I look
again to the first photo and feel like a teen after practising some fierce routines with a provocative outfit
to make everyone make so much more noise at the game. 
Anyway , I have no doubt these are some powerful and beautiful
colors (helped with Topman, UO and juicy couture designs). I´m becoming crazy with this sequin 
culotte_like and also takin some advantage to show how sexy
women are ( ain´t we?)
Great week!



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    love the colours you used. the red and the blue are just sort of loud and just sort of give this sexy siren look. its all very cool and btw your hair is gorgeous! i have very similar hair and even though i love it i have decided to chop it off like have a bob or something coz im gonna have to cut it at some point and i might as well do it now but longer hair is so much more sexy! x

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    Girl,you look stunning and wayyy hot in this outfit ! Underwear as outerwear is something that I'm really loving now and its awesome 🙂

    The blue and red together is perfect and those Juicy Couture socks are gorgeous !

    Sequin culotte,I need to have one of those ! heee

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    you literally could be on a topshop billboard and i wouldn't think twice. you look stunning. thanks for stopping by my blog! <3 C

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    that's really cute. I love the bra!!! Hey if Lady Gaga can travel in her panties, then i think the rest of us can to 😉

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    Hey sexy doll! I absolutely LOVE the pants-pants and I think there should be a fashion shift to allow us to wear those babys everywhere in the summer time! Especially at the beach, the club, shopping, town, coffee dates.. Uh. Maybe 😛 Or not! They're still friggen sexy and I WANT some. In various colours. Very Much!

    And thank-you for making me smile-super-big today by commenting on my blog 😀

    <3 <3 <3

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    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    come visit anytime. :))))))
    always have fun with your clothes. wear what you like.

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    you look like an american apparel ad, epsecially in the first pic on the couch! thank you for your comment, im enjoying your blog! x

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    wow you're awesome. i looked at a few of your pictures on your blog and you have an amazing style and so pretty ^_^

    <3, evelyn

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    WOW super hot outfit…great style, i love your blog

    come check out my blog too, first ever fashion blog from a guys POV

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    Oh wow. Love the blog header!

    And this post is perfection. Those sequin shorts, I'd steal them from you in a heartbeat 😉

    Love the outfit you put together….beautiful!

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    this is seriously a kick-ass blog .
    I'd definitely be visiting daily for ur outfit posts .

    where are you from by the way ?

    I've put you up on my links 🙂
    and I hope you'll do too . hehehehehe .


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