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 I went crazy and got a new haircut and pink color on it. Wait!  I’m just joking… 
I’m not brave enough nor would I like to change drastically my cut or shade of hair right now. 
Good thing wigs are fun, removable and have pretty good haircuts. 
dress by Acne
Have a good friday!



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    You would be perfect with those hair too though 🙂
    But wigs do the trick so no worries! Lovely posture and photo dear.

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    amazing!! the pink color is quite dramatic and very funny! I've thought that i should buy a pink and some electric blue wig, it would be so much fun to wear them! (because i don't wanna color my hair too so dramatically:D) Awesome look!

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    Wow ahha so strange open your blog and find you with pink hair! Always stunning but I ADORE your hair! I miss when mine was so long!


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