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Une nuit à Paris: Window shopping

Dolce & Gabbana
Emilio Pucci
Through my late nights in the streets of Paris I took time and stared happily at all these new collections in amazing stores,
just to show you how incredible a window shopping can be. Take it as inspiration,
as dreams, or simply as eye candy. I take it all.
I divided the post in two: I still have some beautiful pictures to show you tomorrow.
You are gonna love them!
I said on twitter : why do fashion bloggers
are only allowed to bring one or two baggage pieces? Not any fair , well, still packing and
planning outfits for NY.
And window shopping: my favorite is Balmain , which is yours, what are you looking
forward to have (and not necesarily Balmain) this fall?
Until tomorrow



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    Amazing pictures,sooo many designer goodies 😀 i especially LOVE that sequin balmain jacket from the first 2 pics 😀

    StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog 😀 COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! 😀

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    I LOVE, LOVE, really honestly LOVE that Chanel bangle.
    And Pixie looking incredibly sexy in the Loewe window!
    I wish I could be in Paris so much!
    What I am looking forward to most this autumn is beginning to embrace the rock chic, nomad look, with blacks, furs and smudged eyeliner.
    Along with wrapping up warm and sipping hot chocolate in the evenings.

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    I love going window shopping at night! lure the balmain jacket! So inspirational! love this post!

    Dree xx

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    They don't make window displays like those anymore. I love Paris – cannot wait to go!

    I would have to say that a good coat for fall is in order 🙂

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    love the display at Dolce!!

    check out my fashion blog at

    if you like please follow me!! thankss

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    Hi Denni,
    great pics as always, love a night window-shopping!
    I like Balmain's gold jacket definitely – as per my fall wishlist i'm really into the Prada red/black patent sandals (the cutest ladybird shoe ever!), Carven dufflecoat and a good small handbag, ideally Céline's tan one or Hermès' Constance, a bit worried about the price-points though, these pieces inspire me sooo much right now!

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    The Balmain jacket is perfect, the shoulders, the millions of gold sequins, everything. It's definitely my favourite. Chanel is a close second.

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    window shopping makes me always drewl.. And now i saw your window shop pics i DEADLY need to have the golden balmain jacket.

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    Amazing post, I like to take pictures of windows too!!!!!! LOVE THEM!
    And I really like your blog, you have such great style-.-*
    What I want for fall? I masterpiece like a bag or a jacket that I can dress forever, everywhere, everyhow and with everything!!!!!!!
    Love the balmain window, but Loewe too!


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    so many beautiful clothes but so expensive….

    I want Chloe~~~!!! I loved their fall collection it was so so pretty and 3.1 Phillip lim to!

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