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Implacable Anne Wintour, outside the Rochas show
Anna dello Russo, she looks so great in the camera!
Editor in chief of Vogue Italy, Franca Sozzani
I can`t believe I got to shoot 3 of the editors in chief of Vogue. Amazing!
Miroslava Duma. Sweet and pretty, the face behind Harper`s Bazaar Russia
With Hanneli M. She was covering PFW for Teen Vogue. She was the most lovely person!
We were talking about everything, but I was thrilled when she told me she had seen my blog
and she had liked it!
Here with Andy from Stylescrapbook and Yvan Rodic from FaceHunter
The photo with my Fashion week partner!
So Today started Paris fashion week, I must tell you, even though it was freaking cold and the wind was so strong,
it was amazing, and how couldn`t it be that way, it is PARIS FASHION WEEK isn`t it?
Reasons to be unhappy? Not yet!
I had been looking forward to this week, as a blogger and lover of fashion, I love this.
Those photos you see are just emblematic, they are persons whom work
for fashion, for photoshoots, as stylists(A DREAM COME TRUE!)
C`est génial!!
I met Andy from Stylescrapbook (be sure to check her blog too 🙂
just in the morning, and there we were talking very much :), and
she is just amazing!, we really had a great day, planning these next days,
and laughing of some funny things we have in common.
Are you ready?
Today was Rochas, but my favorite one comes tomorrow, of course Balmain!,
and then more favorites in the weekend,
I`ll be there to cover it for you!
  PS. Stay tunned for more Paris Fashion Week!



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    Haha! I just saw you on Andy's blog and I was checking your site thinking what an amazing girl and then I get an email about your comment on my blog! How funny is that! Anyway, you're amazing!!!!!

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    wow so jealous of those pics. they are awesome! love the scarf around ur neck.

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

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    Looks like a great day, I'd love to make it to Paris fashion week one day. Btw where is your blazer from?

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    thank u thank u dear!! sharing so much amazing photo, i really can feeling excited when u in Pairs FW. i really enjoy it, i love Hanneli and her blog. so i cant wait to see balmain show!!

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    I love your post.
    Made me miss France just a little too much, But I shall return in April to live there once again.
    i enjoy your blog.

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    jealous of your encounters with the amazing fashion eds and models! by the way, is that satin floral tie detachable? where did you get it???

    and another by the way, you look great!!!!


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