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The Palms

What I like of these days it’s that I remembered how you could get a look with
Converse’s and a shiny something that gets you glamourous.
I had been in a busy weekend but you won’t believe the amount of photos I’ve
taken for you. We start today with these ones. Don’t forget your ray-ban’s
and a light sweater cause at night it’s so chilly! I’m really into California dreaming. Happiness is
around a lot.
Helmut Lang t shirt, Mom’s bag, Forever21 skirt, Converse shoes.
wait for more tomorrow!



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    I would have to agree with one of the previous comments you could look glamourous in just about anything I love a bit of sparkle throughout the day and worn laid back

    great outfit!!


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    wow! I Think I've never seen you with your hair open!! It looks amazing and I was about to say: Are you in LA – Westwood?


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    I love how you manage to mix designer with vinatge and high street. No seriously, I know it sounds cliche-y but you just do it way better that other bloggers. On you it looks effortless and you can't actually tell which piece is expensive and which isn't and blah while on most other blogs it just seems so try-hard and, well, just not chic. but then again YOU are the chic muse, right?
    Happy tanning over there!

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    Simply but effective outfit, love it!

    I know I always say the same but… your hair… AWESOME!!


    Kisses from Spain 😀

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    hola! creo que estás en mi clase de mate en el itam. está increíble lo que haces, muchas felicidades! espero verte por allá. saludos y éxito.

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    converse never fail to make an outfit looked laid back cool. that forever 21 skirt is incrediable, i am in love. congrat on the AA advert, you look stunning!


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    I love that you wear something so dressy and flashy like a sequin skirt with something casual and simple like Chuck Taylors. Those are by far my favourite shoes, over all my favourite heels.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.


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