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of cats and blue moons

 In a moment of no wind and bright sun in Paris, I managed to take the coat off  and  felt drawn to shoot this look with a 60’s  mood. I got these sunglasses and dress back in Qatar, with the cool girls at the Vanity Room boutique, and just finally found the correct chair and light to shoot them. The cats print  on the simple shape of the dress make it all a psychedelic cool good mood with the instant pop of color of the sunglasses – my current favorites.      
Thierry Lasry sunglasses, Wolford tights, Chloé shoes, Roksanda Ilincic for Lulu&Co dress
photos by Ruy

Happy weekend!



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    Retro cats, I don't know If I could pull it off with such a modern twist. The sunglasses are fab, like abstract muddled paint.

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    i do believe my fave-all-time post of yours, most definitely. truly exquisite, museum-worthy photography, presentation! 😀

    could make fairly succinct comments of how very utterly chic & elegante, classy & sexy, glamorous & amorous, adorable & romantic, retro yet ultra-modernistic, & all-around dreamily lovely & beautiful this here post is! BUT, & HOWEVER, something this "so fabulously put-together" deserves all possible due-accolades! 😀

    have to kinda imagine as alluded earlier, that perchance seeing something so "dynamically artistic & artworthy striking" of such, while say perusing some museum collection, what likely reflections & thoughts might come to mind, ya know?

    first, readily evident is your most impressive creativity & imagination in overall composition, from fiercely captivating palette to brilliante eclectic combo of outfit!

    as you've noted, the print of dress could very well be 60s'ish evoking of dr. suess motif, while strikingly sensational tights seem futuristic enuf to easily envision quite in style mid-21st century & beyond! 😀

    then, can't help but note also the rad psychedelic sunnies in juxtaposition with the virtually classically-timelessly beauteous, "truly-works-of-art shoes," arguably indeed stylishly fashion-forward from say twentieth century well into twenty-first & far beyond even. & how you blend both so effortlessly, naturally into "harmonious, melodious, magic" of outfit! 😀

    finalement, as you so eloquently alluded in your previous post that "fashion is like art & music…", and "inspiration comes from what makes you dream, and makes you appreciate small details like they were the most iconic, outstanding ideas…," well, Denni you've so magnificently, masterfully captured & embodied here, yeeess, certainly "ALL OF THAT!" for "en toto," from the original post title, to such "overall/captivatingly/striking/artistry," to the ingenious "lil'brush strokes of simple 'pops of red' in 'sensuous sea of black & white' from your pretty-painted toenails, to cute catbows, to luscious/lookin'/lips" — et voilà — a rendering of a virtual "visual optical feast" of "virtuoso, stunning, beauty," you delightfully, dreamy, diva!!! 😀 xoxo

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    This is an incredible outfit! I feel like I'm traveling back in time! The vintage is still on your photos, and I like it!



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