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Next week is the first period of the year where luggage becomes an important object in my life for one entire month. The fall/winter FW12 fashion weeks start
 And for me, also a tour for eating in favorite restaurants & meeting with my friends from around the globe while I´m there. 
It’s either my favorite cheese hamburger or chocolate pancakes in NYC, or delicious pasta & pizza in Milano, to then come back to my beautiful Paris, hoping it isn’t as cold as it is now!

Have a great weekend!



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    Well can you please about the places you visit and the hotels you are staying in too? Not a lot of bloggers do that! I am a huge nyc fan and I go there twice a year, so I am always eager to discover new places! So please tell us where you eat your favorite pancakes and cheeseburgers! Enjoy this very busy month

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    I love your all white outfit from Paris, it's beautiful. It makes me miss summer 😉


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