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new hairdo

While I was in Beijing, I took part in one of the most exciting(and challenging) projects/work I’ve been to. 
This was the new hair and make up (almost no make up actually) they did on me – and for the moment a sneak peek of what I will look like in some of the shoots. I’m so excited to share it soon!
(I’m obsessed with this Madonna-like look with the ponytail, definitely adding it to Chicmuse’s hairstyles for the season)
American Apparel high waisted black jeans, Vintage denim shirt, Givenchy Antigona bag 



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    I love the statement/trademark "elements" of your looks: such as red lips, defined eye-liner and chignon; but I do love you experimenting too! you have such gorgeous long hair, you must play with it!! =) x

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    we love this hairdo on you! you should wear it more often !:D


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