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Navy Forest

Happy sunday. Excited to share tomorrow morning some great news!
Topshop jeans, Tod’s mocasins, American Apparel jacket, Uniqlo pull, Givenchy bag, Thierry Lasry sunglasses



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    As your usual, jus' simply, singularly, stunning! That's why I'll preface my response with an affirmation, & definitely in no way an apology. For with so much "messed-up stuff" & ugliness in the world, it's truly refreshing to "slow down," "take pause," to really "witness & behold" the beauty one's blessed to encounter, ya know!? 😀

    Always did like writing essays on exams, a chance to expound on various topics of interest; so, how much more fun & joy to expound upon my "fave blog's beauty & elegance!" And especially, particularly, while appreciating all the inspiration, creativity, & passion which you certainly pour into your each & ev'ry amazin' post! 😀

    I've come, been inspired, to coin a couple new terms here, first one ensuing from aforementioned, as I offer/present here my comment in "stylesay," twist of course on essay. 😀

    Denni, seems rather appropos, the church in backdrop of photo, as scene evokes song title, "Easy Like Sunday Morning." Luvin' your so customary chic, suis generis palette de colours.

    The comfy-chic, warm/wintry muted tones of your outfit's base (noir jeans & tres-cool slant-waist sweater) seems perfectly-pitched for either streetstyle strolling or countryside cruisin'. & Ahh, to be wondrously lost in "dreamy fab forest & blue hues" of "piece de resistance" sensational jacket (luv details extraordinaire, as how cropped-sleeves help highlight pull & cute-couture-collar seems to so perfectly frame pretty/lovely face of yours!), which along with marvelous mocassins, bring "brilliant aliveness" dynamic to outfit. & Of course, to top it all off, with likely ingenius underlying vibe of personal stylesense, your fiercely fine feline statement of givenchy bag! 😀

    Finalement, there jus' seems e'er so evident in your awesome outfits this palpable "effortless ease" of sorts. However, I posit that such emanates, flows freely forth, from an extension of your beauteous inner essence/spirit — of which, I've been inspired to coin the term, "Denni's beauuteeeasse!!!" You soo e'er "gorgeously rock," daaahling!!! 😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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    ———*poetry de denni*———-
    —–(pantheress on the prowl)—–
    she, e'er gracefully, chic saunters
    ooozing, fierce confidence, poise
    such, natural beauty, personified!

    stunning, gorgeous goddess, giving
    most generously, from, her bounty
    sheer lovliness, to this, here world!

    Denni (not meanin' redundancy), your style, "pure poetry," baby!!! 😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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