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My first article for Vogue

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Just yesterday I was able to share my view of the Paris fashion week in a special coverage I did for Vogue Mexico. Without noticing, this marked also my first time writing an article for Vogue, which has always been a role model and inspiration for me.
It is exciting to see that whenever you are fond of and believe in something, it always comes to you. I really like challenging myself and appreciate very working in so different collaborations like this one.
I translated the first part so you can also see my side of the Paris Fashion week! (click to see on Vogue)

My side of Paris,
by Denni Elias
The experience of being in Paris for the last week of the Fashion Week season, is also an exciting peak of the six-month period in the industry. The city of Paris itself, is probably the best visual complement for each fantastic designer that presents in it.
Every person that comes here, has its own vision and way of thinking of the city, but in between little cafés, majestic buildings, the accentuated parisian and urban style, and the mere excitement of walking down the Seine river, and then looking to the Eiffel tower somewhere in the horizon, makes it for all of us, a romantic and poetic one-week experience, that nourishes the whole inspiration we get from the fashion shows.
The never-ending work that results in the 15 minute-long period of each runway, not only includes the designer’s work, but the hard work of a complete team that, apart from defining the way fashion industry should take,  also comes up with the creation of a story, that entertains and creates amusement. The stylists make an effort to combine looks that are attracting and even fun in a pleasant way, so that each spectator has an exact souvenir and defined thought of the collection.
Regarding the pieces introduced on the runway, the designers set a balance in every aspect. They create clothing  for every mood level of a woman behavior, which is a roller coaster of  the many characters we can be in just one day. Any presentation has strong and aggressive moments, gradually contrasted with other classic, romantic and intimate ones, that in the end, represent the muse that the designer imagines and defines for its brand.
This Fall Winter 2013 season, I have noticed a trend that preferred classic themes over modern ones, and saw a transition of the geometric, attiring and monochrome subjects, to others mainly characterized for the glamour, and the focus on the feminine shape and  ladylike prototypes.
This said, I decided to gather and present almost all of my coverage via Instagram. We are in a phase where the world works and expresses all happenings in an immediate and momentary way. Every minute we are updated and aware of social media interactions, and this fact has defined who we are in the real world. To sum up, I chose to collect and show a more personal and constant diary of what I saw, did , felt or visited during this Paris Fashion week. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. //
Some photos of the Instagram coverage. J’adore Olivier Rousteing

Agradezco sinceramente  al equipo de Vogue México, y en especial a Ariana, por su profesional ayuda!



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    Denni, first, "Hearty Congrats!", for the high honor of such a feature! 🙂

    And, "Merci Beaucoup!", for bringin' such a "magical & majestic experience" in such a "delightfully real & surreal" manner to us via your wondrous writing & varied-visual collection of sharing!!! 🙂

    So appropos, as indeed, the "lovliest chic(est)muse" of-all-time, babe!!! 🙂

    ————-*Parisian Reveries*———–
    Imagine, magnifique lovliest, of dream
    Of haute couture, such amazing, views
    Of sweetest romance, & poetic, theme
    Made soreal, by beauteous, chicmuse!

    😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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      …may ALL your "vogue-est dreams," come true… 🙂

      —*denni's alchemy of beauty*—
      ♥ won-drous-ly, true, mar-vel!♥
      vogue in-spired — lo, & be-hold!
      ♥ beauteous, dreams, unfold! ♥

      😀 <3 xoXOxo <3

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    Felicitaciones!!! No sabía que estabas colaborando con Vogue Latinoamérica, que gran honor!
    Me encanta poder leerte en español!
    Besos de una argentina viviendo en París!


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