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I program my alarm clock for Saturday morning, exactly at 8:30AM, really early for a weekend morning. “Tomorrow,
SONIA RYKIEL, I will get it all.”
I get some sleep hoping mon pull rykiel, stripes sweater, black shoes and leggings will be there.
F*%$ is late!!! 9:40AM, I open my eyes and realize, they are about to open the store, run.  I take off my pijamas, get tights, shorts, gloves, money, anything else… yes, my navigo pass.
On my way, I think,”this can`t be serious, maybe there is not even too much people”.
I arrive to H&M, TOO MUCH PEOPLE, 200 persons waiting to get in the store, other 150 inside the store,  carrying 10 items from SR.
15 minutes later: I finally get in, I run, I look, SHOES!, they are here,
leggings!, no way! , yes, X-small!, mon pull rykiel, large, medium, sh*$! I walk, and see this marvelous dress, x-small too. I take it.
Mon pull!!.
5 minutes: Here it is! ( I start feeling happy)
I couldn`t find my stripes sweater.
Anyway, I`m happy.
Finally, a little bit of sunshine in Paris, name of the post: mon pull rykiel. This should be good!.
I sit in the computer, start writing my post (what I began upside), wondering if the photos will look good. I hope they will.
thanks for the feature in fashionfreaks



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    eep, you are so cute here! i love your hair up, you look like a totally different person. i didn't even recognize you at first! i love your little sweater and dotted tights too.

    you look like minnie mouse if she was a super model and french.


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    You have so many clothes and you always rock ALL of them! I love Sonia Rykiel! Your shoes and pants are to die for. I love both so much and by putting them together in the same look it looks amazing! You are like one of the few women that I think can pull of the round sunglasses. Not to mention the fact that yours are huge AND round.
    check out my trendy blog!

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    Hehe looks like you had fun taking these photos! Love your leggings, wedges and sunnies!

    Btw thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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    you look so adorable in that outfit:)
    P.S did you move to Paris? If yes, wish you a lot of happiness there!:)

    Monika from J'adore Fashion

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    aww so cute! and ya why is it that H&M is always so busy?!?! when you wanna go you gotta go like early in the morning before 12 or else be prepare to line up outside the changeroom for 20+ min!


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