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Mexico lindo, Part one

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Mexico August 2015
Photography by Mathieu Lebreton

I feel as if these images were taken a very long time ago, probably it’s the feeling of nostalgia for these happy days; nonetheless, this visual story makes me smile in reminiscence of this year summer around my Mexico lindo.
I was happy to show Mathieu and Medor around. I decided that Mexico City was the perfect place to start our trip to then spend some days in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende and end our trip all the way south of the country in the unique Estate called Oaxaca de Juarez.

I felt truly happy to introduce my place of birth (Mexico City) to Mathieu. It was such a pleasure to share all Mexico has to offer; from the exquisite food, which is different depending of the region you are in, to the extraordinary monuments or even the hidden rural streets in the towns outside the city. Sometimes we tend to forget the beauty and charms of the places we are born because of our desire to explore the world and other cultures so often enough its good to be back and experience again these elements that your city has to offer.

But not only this can be considered as an attractive attribute from Mexico. I personally believe that the kindness and hospitality of the Mexican people is what makes it stand out from elsewhere in the world. This is a country were simplicity for life is what makes you happy and family, health and love around you is what truly matters.

Growing up here has shaped me in so many ways that I cannot imagine to be the person who I am today if it had been in any other place. For this I’m thankful and it makes me genuinely happy to come back and admire my beautiful country and its people every time.

September is called “Mes Patrio” locally, due to the fact that the Mexican Independence is celebrated on the 16th. I know I’m a little behind on it, but here it is:

Viva Mexico! Viva!


Second part of this visual diary is coming soon <3



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    *home sweet beauteous home*
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    ♥ mex, sub-lime, cu-tie!! ♥

    🙂 <3 xoXOxo <3

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    ♥ o’ hea-ven’s, hap-pi-ness!! ♥

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    Perfect pictures I am so astonished by the beauty that comes from them. The article is great as well. Well done <3 <3 <3 It was such a pleasure to spent my time reading it 🙂 Kisses

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    —–*red resplendence*—–
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    Desde que vi en tu Instagram varias fotos de tu viaje por México esperaba que la causalidad me hiciera conocerte mientras te quedaste en la Condesa :P, ya será para otra ocasión.
    En serio me encanta como muestras la cultura y tradiciones de nuestro país a todos tus seguidores extranjeros, y también como nos recuerdas a los mexicanos lo hermosa que es nuestra tierra <3

    La primer fotografía de este post es simplemente hermosa 🙂

    Danne Chimal

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