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Melting fringes

GF fringes dress, F21 wallet, Zara Boots, Vintage ring
Finally wore this fringe mini dress. This intriguing feeling is now finished.
When seeing so many fringe clothes everywhere last season I knew I had to get some of them.
I got this Gianfranco Ferre dress several months ago and look at it: first time used till today.
You would imagine how funny(or strange) I looked when takin these photos outside the exciting
party. Much persons givin a little glance at me: Take it now! I was saying a little nervous….. WELL,
its for my blog of course!
wanted to show readers the every ocassion outfit I promised.
( As i love my readers), Enjoy it!
PS . I just found the perfect pair of boots to be the substitute of these ones. Time to budget. AND SHOP A LITTLE!
PS2. I just came back home. After trying on the best Marc Jacobs shoes I ve seen (with a heart red shape!)
PS3. My head looks quite bigger in the second shot, I´m laughin



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    your simply divine…

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    I love that dress! And don't worry, everywhere that I take pictures I get dirty confused looks. Bahah.

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    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂
    Gosh you are so lucky, it seems like you look great in anything you wear! I cant wait until the weather warms up in Australia to start wearing dresses.


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    gorgeous girl! i love the fringe on you, hopefully there werent too many people staring when you were taking those photos!

    xx raez

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    Fringe will forever be in style.

    Im going to be attending New York Fashion Week so check back to my blog for updates. Ill be updating every day of the week.

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    Me encanta el vestido, fantastic.sometimes también tengo en la ropa de guardarropa para los días y me olvidé de ellos y luego me puso en la próxima temporada.

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    Hello girl!

    You are so cool and sexy!
    Love how great you are!
    I am so in love!

    Many kisses and thanks so much for passing by!

    see you!!

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    hey, thanks for your comment!! ur blog is stunningy, absolutely stunning! we will come back more than once, we promise 😉

    xo, sky fanatic (between the sky and the ocean)

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    Such a beautiful dress. Love the pairing of the boots and your eye makeup and red red red lipstick complete the look. Very nice 🙂


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