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Mary Katrantzou

dress by Mary Katrantzou for Topshop, shoes by MiuMiu, Pink plaid lipstick by M.A.C.
Being able to get my hands on this Mary Katrantzou dress wasn’t a a simple task ( I mean waking up before 7am to click nervously for my size and praying it wasn’t sold out when I checked out of Topshop, plus the 3 week waiting), but it was so worth it. The boost of seeing all these digital prints made me click and buy a couple of other pieces too, resulting in an overloaded credit card. 
I have no words to describe my love and instant attraction for this dress and of course my admiration towards Mary, who is for me, one of the most talented designers nowadays. She had me since she started with her signature printed lampshade dresses. 





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    One of the best floral dresses I've seen for spring so far! Love the soft pink color lips on you Denni, very fresh! xx


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    This is an absolute masterpiece. If I had it, I wouldn't be able to stop staring at it 🙂 You look beautiful!

    xo Joana

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    Love the colors of the dress, and the background of what you're laying on.
    And I must say, you're sooo beautiful in these pics, LOOOOOOVE YOUR LIP COLOR, YOUR EYE MAKE UP AND LOOOVE YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL BLACK HAIR. 🙂
    Love you Denni!


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    Denni dear i really love your pictures!! your photographer has such great skills and you are the perfect model – so chic looking in every single shot!! i think your pictures are so inspiring – to me and so many other fashionable ladies out there;-)

    Btw – i just saw the dress live at topshop in copenhagen – and wauv, it is fantastic. the print, the design, the cut, the material – all perfect!!


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    wow..that's some task in the morning.
    the collection must be a real sell-out than. well lucky they give you one.
    you look so wonderful in that dress. and matching floral prints there!
    looking forward to more morning purchases Denni 😀


    Style Hostess

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    This pink lipstick is gorgeous on you dear !! You should have it more often 😉 ! Incredible shot btw..



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    i, too share in your enthusiasm for the designer…i gave up my search! Very lucky, you look phenomenal


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