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Ever since I was about 10 years old, my mom used to play the role of Maleficent over Halloween. She used to wear the balck and purple cape and those crazy horns on the head, I think this is basically thanks to certain similarities people or even herself used to find with this Disney character. First is the color and fainess of the skin with the black contrast of the clothes (my mom adores black). Second is the strong personally Maleficent portrays, is not only about the evil villain trying to put out to sleep this teenager (SleepingBeauty), but also is about the attractiveness and power of persuasion this women has. I personally adore Disney Villains, they are funny, sexy and with amazing personalities. The bad thing is they almost never get the credit they deserve.  This is why I was thrilled when I saw the release of this movie, Maleficent. And what better to be played by the sexiest women in Hollywood(in my personal opinion), Angelina Jolie. The play of Sleeping beauty is played by Elle Fanning. 
I believe this is a win-win situation when if you don’t enjoy the story, at least you have great actresses in a dark story in the middle of spring.
Maleficent by Disney in theaters SS14



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    Wondrously "intriguingly captivating beauty" which she so happens to have in common with someone else I know! 🙂


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