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Les Sources de Caudalie

Last month I had the opportunity to discover Les Sources de Caudalie. Our journey started early morning on the train from Paris to Bordeaux, where we were already excited to spend a weekend in this beautiful place. As soon as we arrived to the station, we had already a taxi waiting for us, that was kindly arranged for us by the hotel.

As soon as we arrrived, the air instantly changed.  A breeze of freshness quickly decided the relaxing mood that waited for us in the next days. After quick lunch at Rouge, one of the bars inside the Hotel,  we unpacked and headed to explore the amazing grounds in a chilly, yet perfect weather.  The hours passed so fast that we didn´t realize when suddently it was dinner time at La Table du Lavoir, the bistro style restaurant that worked with quality, local and seasonal products around Bordeaux. This great restaurant shares kitchen with La Grand’Vigne’s, the Michelin restaurant from Les Sources de Caudalie.

The next day: breakfast in bed, biking around the vineyards, and a spa sesion. Each of the places to rest at the hotel is one of those dreamy scenes in movies where you wish you could log off all technology to just spend hours bathing, sleeping, and living a joyful, simple life. We enjoyed it ALL! On our last day we were able to visit the Chateau Haute Smith in the morning, and admired the splendour of the vineyards from the high tower for some more time.

Merci Caudalie for what it was the best Spa experience I have had so far in all these years. I can’t wait to go back!

Hope you enjoyed these photos as a quick visual trip of this french dream.



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