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Les choses que j’aime et le coucher du soleil

I’m always finding inspiration from everything I do and I see,
places, moments and even moods.
I believe, from many times you do things, the ones with the best results,
are those you did enjoying what you really like and where you expressed yourself freely,
without thinking of actually any results.
Yves Saint Laurent shoes, American Apparel high waist pants, vintage shirt and belt



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    Lovely outfit (and those YSL's – just love!)

    I saw a picture of you on Belgian television yesterday, in a style program on Jim tv (a local take on mtv). They didn't say anything about it or you, but I just recognized you and thought you should know 😉


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    ohh Denni, you look rly Latina here! I like it; the diff hairstyle and earrings. Also your shoes…how many girls would kill to own 'em :p

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    I just found your blog through Bloglovin' and I'm so happy I did. You have such a wonderful fashion sense… those YSL shoes are outrageous and fabulous! I'm so inspired, and can't wait to read more posts by you. I'll definitely be visiting again soon 🙂 Paris in Pink

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